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How To Draw A Flying Angel Worksheet

This printable worksheet is a project will help give the beginner confidence in drawing a simple angel in flight; the technique can be adapted to any number of subjects that deal with the human form.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Learning to draw happens when you practice sketching and draw a lot, so if you draw every day you will get better. I have lots of drawing worksheets to choose from come back every day and do another in a few weeks you will become a fantastic artist. If the angel doesn't work out do not get discouraged; if you learn something then you are becoming an artist, because no one sees their mistakes so clearly as an artist.  Try different subjects look through my worksheets and choose as many different projects as you like, you will become a fantastic artist in no time.

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How To Draw A Flying Angel Worksheet

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Even though we are drawing an angel that has wings we will save the wings until we have worked out the position of the body. Use an articulated stick figure with elbows, ankles, wrist, knees and shoulders to pose the body.  For interest have the near arm and leg pass over the far one.  Place the trumpet in this first step so it is positioned well.

After the stick figure is posed then use ovals and loops to flesh out the body with the curves and contours of muscle. Add the wing nearest you as a triangle that is curved outward at the top point.

The face and hands are hard for some. The eyes are halfway down since the angel is blowing a trumpet draw her eye closed it is just a line with a slight downward curve. The mouth is like a sideways "W" with the trumpet in the middle. Draw a curve for the puffed out cheek.

The hands are easy if you think of them as mittens. The thumb on the near hand is inside toward the face and it is behind the trumpet. The hand holding the trumpet is like a square with the thumb coming off the side. The far hand is flat and the thumb is down.

The feet can be hidden inside the long robe if they are too hard to draw. They have a round circle at one end attached to a triangle bent slightly away from the body.

The wings are like triangles with feathers on them. To help space the feathers evenly mark off the spacing before you draw them in.

Draw the robe as flowing lines that gracefully go around the body.  Add the far wing by drawing only a few feathers showing behind the front wing and the top of the wing, give the far wing less detail than the near one. Draw the headband on the angle. The hair can be flowing waves. If you shadow the far wing the hair will look brighter.

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