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How To Draw An Orca Killer Whale Side View Worksheet

How to draw a killer whale is a simple project to help the young artist gain confidence. It is drawn with a few lines that have graceful curves. Parents, teachers and homeschool families will find many ways to use this in home and class.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Learning to draw is something you have to do every day to get better at. I have a lot of drawing worksheets to choose from. Come back each day and pick out one or two and draw them, don't worry if they do not look perfect- if you learn something you have a success. If the Killer Whale doesn't work out do not worry try a different subject next time it may be you have a talent for portraits or landscapes. If you sketch every day in a few weeks you will be a fantastic artist.

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How to Draw an Orca Killer Whale Worksheet

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The basic fish shape is a low wide arch on top that has a long slope at the back and an almost straight line for the bottom. Draw this lightly since it will need slight changes as we go on.

The dorsal fin is almost halfway on the back. The back edge of the fin is at the half way point and is almost straight up but just slightly tilted forward. The flipper is about 1/4 of the way back from the nose. The nose has a very little bump keep it small or the whale will look like a dolphin. The tail is two narrow triangles they are thin since we are drawing them from the side.

The back curves slightly down and up and back down again at the tail it is only slightly. The bottom has a slight curve from the nose to the fin after the fin the line curves up to the waist and a little down for the tail then back up to connect to the fins.

There are white marks on the chin going back to the fin. There is an oval mark midway on the bottom and a small white mark under the tail. The mark behind the eye is like an oval. Every whale has slightly different marks so don't struggle to get them just right.

Start coloring the whale with gray and after you have an undercoating of gray use black on the body but leave the edges gray so it will look round.

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