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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How to Draw The Rustic Garden Gate With A Stone Arch

How to draw a rustic garden gate with arch drawing lesson and printable worksheet.

This how-to draw a rustic garden gate project can be a colorful and satisfying picture. It can be used by parents, teachers and art students in class or at home.

The free worksheet below may be printed by highlighting it and saving to your device. If you have problems printing see the tab above for some suggestions.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Drawing takes practice and practice means doing something over and over. If the drawing of the Rustic Garden gate doesn't turn out like you expect do not give up. Ask yourself if you learned anything while drawing it, if the answer is yes then you have a greater success than a pretty picture- you have grown in skill. Sketching gardens and things like that are not for everybody, try some of my other drawing worksheets and you will find one that really clicks with you. Do one or two worksheets every day and in a few weeks, you will be really surprised at how good you have become.

How to Draw A Rustic Garden Gate Worksheet. by MrAdron.


The rustic garden gate is a stone arch. Draw the arch as a double set of lines so you have the inside and the outside in place. Sketch in the stone wall as parallel lines one for the top of the wall and one for the base. The path is wider at the bottom of the picture and more narrow where it meets the wall.

Plan where to draw the flowers by drawing circles where they will look best. The flowers should go over the arch and may go all the way down one side but not both.  Once you have the flowers placed fill in the areas between the flowers with leaves.

The stones in the wall are different sizes and shapes, draw them lightly until you get a good design with a lot of interest. The stones in the arch are all the same size and are in two rows. Some of the stones will be hidden by the flowers.

Draw a flower pot on one or both sides of the gate.

The path is large squares but they are not even or the same size.

The iron gate is easy it is just drawn in lines. Draw an arch on the top and a square on the bottom. Put a guideline up and own the center and divide the gate into squares. Fill in the squared with twisted decorations. They do not need to be perfect since gates wear out and get all banged up.

A few wiggly lines make a background but keep the background simple.

If you draw grass then keep it random and clumpy so it looks real.

Illustration For How To Draw A Rustic Garden Gate

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