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Sunday, January 12, 2014

How To Draw A Fluffy Furry Puppy Worksheet

This printable worksheet is a fun project that will give the young artist a sense of accomplishment. Parents and teachers may find this is helpful as a classroom assignment or a take home project.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: To learn to draw well is like learning any other skill- it takes practice; so draw this project and do some every day and in a few weeks you will be surprised. Do not get discouraged if the picture does not turn out to be a masterpiece. If the dog does not look good when you are done ask yourself if you learned something while doing it, if the answer is yes you have succeeded and your next picture will be better. Sketching puppies are not for everyone, try some of my other drawing worksheets there will be one that will turn out beautifully.

To print the free worksheet above just highlight it and send it to your printer or save to your device to print later.  If you have problems printing this see the how to tab above for tips or try one of the updated files below.

How To Draw A Fuzzy Puppy

Here are two links to files that are updated to look better and print better.

CLICK HERE for a file in photo format.
CLICK HERE for a file in universal portable format.


The puppy is almost half head so draw the body like a square and the head as a circle that is the same size as the body. The legs start half way down the body; they divide the body into thirds. The paws are big and are half of the legs.

A collar and dog tag can be drawn in at the beginning so it does not get lost when drawing the fur later on.

The face is as simple as they come.
     * The eyes are halfway down the face from the top to the chin.
     * The nose is a little below the eyes and the mouth is below the nose,
     * Do not need to worry much about the mouth since it is covered in fur.
     * The ears are on top of the head directly above the eyes.

The fur is many many short and long lines. The secret is to remember to draw the lines in the right directions. Think of a fan blowing straight at the center of the puppy the fur is pushed away outward from the center. All the fur is going outward.

Go over the outline of the puppy with short lines then go around with a second layer of longer lines giving the fur a matted texture. Add fur all over the body to fill it in. Use lines of fur to give shadow between the legs and areas of dark.

Advanced students may want to blend with a stub before adding the last layer of fur.

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