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How to Draw A Hand Holding a Coffee Cup. Worksheet

The hand is a challenge for many to draw but here are a few tips to help make it easier. Parents, teachers, and homeschool families may print this lesson for personal and classroom use.

FIRST A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If your sketch of a hand holding a cup does not work out as you expected do not get discouraged. Learning to draw is more about practice and drawing than lessons, so draw every day. Come back often and print off a few worksheets and draw them each day; soon you will be surprised at how good of an artist you have become. I have a lot of drawing lessons to choose from if hands are not working for you try one of my other topics.

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How to Draw A hand Holding a Cup Worksheet

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Take a moment and analyze the structure of the hand; inside are bones and joints and around them are muscles and flesh.

Draw the mug first. The mug is a cylinder with an inside and an outside. It has a handle like the letter "C." By drawing the mug first we have a reference for how to position the fingers and the hand.

Lightly draw the hand as lines for the bones and circles for the joints. The knuckles form a curve going outward and back toward the arm, the joints form a curve going out and toward the cup. The thumb is on top, the index finger goes straight into the handle of the cup. The other three fingers are below the handle of the cup.

Start to outline the fingers of the hand by drawing around the lines and circles that represent the bones of the fingers and hand. Give the fingers thickness, the thickest finger is the index, then the middle finger, the thumb is thick but is half hidden by the handle. The last two fingers are thinner.

The knuckles and joints have wrinkles.

The bottom two fingers are almost all in shadow. The top two fingers have shadow nearest the cup where the fingers wrap around. The thumb has a little shadow where it meets the cup and a little where it is behind the index finger. Put shadow around the cup on the far side so it looks round.

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