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How To Draw The Head Of A Chinese Dragon, Free Worksheet.

This How To Draw The Head Of A Chinese Dragon worksheet is a simple drawing project that will give the young artist confidence in drawing. Parents and teachers will find many ways to use it in class and at home.

I drew this up as a hand out to give to some students I was giving art lessons to.

FIRST A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If your drawing does not come out as you wanted do not give up, drawing and it takes practice. No one is as hard on themselves as a real artist, so if you are frustrated that is a good sign that you think like a real artist you just need to get your skill to the same level as your talent and you can do that by sketching every day. I have a lot of drawing worksheets so come back and sketch them. Some people have a talent for drawing dragons and some have a talent for people, others have a talent for flowers so try different things you will discover your talent and people will be amazed.

How To Draw A Chinese Dragon Head, Free Worksheet.
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The Chinese dragon has the eyes of an Ogre, the nose, and mane of a lion, the mouth of a donkey, the ear of a cow, and the antlers of a deer. Otherwise, there are no rules to drawing a good Chinese dragon. The style is to fill in all empty spaces with scales, feathers, flames, and patterns

Start by drawing lightly with a pencil that you can erase later. The head is shaped like a circle with rectangles for the snout and jaw. Use circles for the nose and eyes. There is an ear, draw it as a large triangle pointing backward. There are antlers, they are wavy lines from the top behind the eye going up and touching at points.

Make the lines flow so there are no straight lines. Use wavy lines to make the flame like shapes for the mane, eyelashes, beard around the mouth and anything else you want. Use triangles for teeth and fangs.

Erase extra lines and go over the good parts with a marker or darker pencil, or you may trace it onto a clean sheet of paper. Fill in the empty spaces with patterns.

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