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Saturday, September 13, 2014

How to Draw A Chinese Sampan River Boat. Free Drawing Worksheet

The free drawing worksheet and the project notes may be copied by highlighting them and sending to your printer or saving to print later.

Learning to draw takes practice and time, so if the project does not turn out perfect do not give up and keep on drawing in a short time you will be making beautiful pictures. I have a lot of projects come back often and try a few more.

How to Draw A Chinese Sampan River Boat, Free Worksheet.

Start drawing lightly so you can erase later. Don't worry if the lines are not straight- in real life these boats get beaten up and a lot of the parts get bent and crooked.

The Body of the boat is drawn with some straight lines, one for the top and one for the bottom. The front is tilted out at the top and has two lines for the prow. The prow sticks up higher than the side of the boat. The back is like a  bent rectangle

Not all sampans have sails but I think the bamboo pole sales look cool, so I put one on our drawing. It is just straight lines. Two go up and down for the mast they touch at the top and are wider at the bottom. There are six or seven lines going across. Do them in pairs so you have a top and bottom of each cross spar. Connect the ends for the cloth.

The riverman is small, so don't try to give too much detail. Start with a stick figure that has a triangle for a chest and elbows in the arms. Put the punt pole in his hands that way you get the position of the hands and arms right. The hands are like squares. Next, draw the body around the stick figure. Lastly draw the clothing. Give him black pants.

Draw circles for tires on the sides of the boat. Draw an eye at the front of the boat. Add ropes and boxes. The house on the boat is another rectangle with an arch at the end. Use lines to show the bamboo poles inside.

If the boat is light make the water dark. if the boat is dark make the water light. Add mountains and trees on the edge of the river for a background.

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