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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How To Draw a Vampire Bat, Free Printable Worksheet

How to Draw A Vampire Bat
 Printable Worksheet, Free
The free printable drawing worksheet will be useful to parents and teachers in class and at home. It can be a stand-alone lesson or given out as a take-home project.

Learning to draw takes time and practice. If your project does not turn out perfect do not get upset- keep on drawing and you will be making beautiful pictures before you know it. I have a lot of projects so come back often and try some more.

Good Luck.

The free drawing worksheet and the project notes below may be printed by highlighting them and sending them to your printer or saving to your device to be printed later. Some printers work better with this type of image if you first drag it to your desktop and print from there. If you have problems printing see the how to print tab above.

Printable How to Draw a Vampire Bat Worksheet. 
Note: use the gray-scale option in your printer if you have it or else the details will be lost.

Some printers work better with a PDF file. Follow this link to print from PDF.

Click here for a jpeg file that may work better for some printers.


Draw lightly so you can erase things later. Draw an oval for the body. Near the top draw a circle for the head. The circle and oval overlap a little.

Lightly draw the arms, the upper arm is short and then the forearm is long. The four fingers are very long. The legs are short. After you have the arms positioned then draw around the lines to give the arms and fingers thickness.

Use guidelines like a cross on the face. The eyes are circles on the top of the cross guideline. The nose has two dashes like the letter "V," with an arch line above. The mouth is like a sideways diamond. Draw just a few teeth. The ears are big for the size of the head. The ears start where eyebrows would be and curve up and then down the side of the face.

There are tiny thumbs on each wing. The feet are small and are a couple of lines. put a little shiny dot in the eye. Use shading technique to make the bat have roundness. Use curving lines to finish the wings.

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