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Sunday, December 28, 2014

How To Draw Father Time Free Worksheet

How to draw Father Time is a drawing lesson and printable worksheet for the young artist drawing the elderly figure. Father time is often seen illustrating the end of the year, and the idea that we are running out of time. You see this on invitations to New Year's Eve parties.

There are many ways to draw an old man. I made this easy for the young artist. If it doesn't look perfect when you are done do not give up- drawing takes practice and if you keep drawing you will be making beautiful pictures before long.

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How to Draw Father Time Worksheet

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Start by drawing lightly. Draw a stick figure as a foundation, and to help get the pose right.
The head is a long oval and is low on the shoulders.
To place the hand on the staff draw it like a bent square at first and come back to make the details later.
To make the hand that holds the hourglass draw it like a mitten at first and come back to it later.

Draw the ragged robe around the stick figure. Draw the bottom of the legs and the feet. Keep the legs skinny. Draw ovals for the open sleeves.

Keep the face simple. Draw the eyelids pointing downward to the outside that gives him a worried look. The nose is big and goes over his mustache Draw the eyes as dark dots over to the side so it looks like he is looking at the hourglass.
The beard covers the lower part of the face make it long and wavy.
The eyebrows are bushy.
The ears are like big peanuts on the side of the head.

Find a button or some small round thing and trace around it to make the top and bottom of the hourglass. Draw the top of the hourglass as a horizontal oval.
Draw the fingers inside the mitten drawing from earlier.The thumb is on the outside pointing away.
Draw the fingers on the staff. The thumb is on the inside and behind the staff.
The robe has a rope belt.
Make the robe ragged at the end and shadow the part behind.
The sandals have only one strap over the top. Don't draw all the toes just the big toe.
Make the staff with a lot of short choppy lines so it has texture and looks woody.

There is a rope around his waist give it a lot of texture.
Give the clothing some rips and holes.
Give the face some wrinkles.
Use shadowing to give the figure some roundness.
Shade the robe just a little so the beard looks whiter.

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