Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How to Draw A Teddy Bear, Free Printable Worksheet

How to draw a teddy bear is an easy to do project that will give the young artist confidence. A few simple shapes and some curved lines are all it takes to Teddy. Parents and teachers will be able to use this in class and at home.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If your drawing does not turn out the way you hoped do not give up- no one is as critical of their work as much as a true artist!. Learning to draw takes practice, so draw every day, and come back and print another worksheet soon you will be an artist. Try different projects and draw a lot of different stuff, I have a lot of worksheets to choose from so do something different every day and soon you will find what your talent is.

How To Draw A Teddy Bear Worksheet.

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Draw lightly at first so you can erase later. Start by using basic shapes to develop the composition of the picture. Use a big circle for the body and a smaller one for the head. The feet are ovals that are pointed up and out.

Use guidelines on the head like a cross so that things will stay even

Draw circles for the ears and two looping lines for the arms.

On the horizontal guideline draw two circles for the eyes, inside the circles draw little squares for the shiny spot in the eyes. Fill in the eyes but leave the squares white for the shine. Draw the muzzle as a circle placed evenly on the vertical guideline. The nose is an oval on the muzzle on the upper half of the muzzle. The smile is like the letter "U."

Draw a large circle on the bottom half of the ovals that make the feet. Draw three smaller circles for the pads under the toes. These will be colored in darkly but the foot around them will be white. He has little legs but all you do is draw two short lines from the bottom and top of the feet inward toward the body these four lines will slightly slope toward each other like they were going to make an "X" but stop about half way.

If you want to dress your teddy with a bow tie or a hat or something do it before you start on the fur.

EXPECT TO TAKE A LONG TIME ON THE FUR! If you hurry it will look sloppy and like you gave up. The easiest way to do fur is to make the lines around the edges zig-zag. If you want to fill the fur in start at the edges and make lots and lots of very short lines going in and out a the edge.  As you work from the outer edges inward make the lines a little longer. Don't cover every bit with fur but leave some blank areas that will look like highlight

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