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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Easy How to Draw Flowers in a Vase, Free Printable Worksheet

This printable worksheet is a simple little drawing that looks nice when it is put in a frame or as a greeting card. It was inspired by my wife's mini vase in the kitchen where she would put one or two cut flowers.

Parents, teachers and home-school families will find lots of ways to use this in class, school, and just to encourage young artist.

  • It can be a lesson by itself.
  • It can be an art lesson handout.
  • It can be an extra activity to fill in the time.
  • It can be given as a take-home project.
  • Print this and with others to take with the family to occupy the kids when they are bored.
If your sketch does not turn out the way you hoped it would do not give up; learning to draw takes time and practice. Just try again and again. Draw every day and soon you will be making beautiful pictures. Come back to my blog and try some of my other projects.

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How To Draw Flowers in a Glass Vase Printable Worksheet
Here are two files that have been updated to work better on some printers.
CLICK HERE for an image file that may work better with newer printers.
To print universal portable format CLICK HERE.

Remember to draw lightly at first so you can erase later.
Start by using some basic shapes to form the composition. Two large ovals begin the flowers, put two small ovals in the center of each. They are guidelines that you will erase later.
The vase is three ovals one above the other and then lines connecting them; curved lines between the top two and straight lines between the bottom two.

     * The petals are each drawn with two lines from the center oval and the outer oval.
     * There are no more than nine petals; do not make them perfect, give a few twist and bends that will look more real.
     * The tips of the petals have a jagged sawtooth edge shape like the letter "W"
     * The stem is two lines going down into the glass vase. There is a break where the water confuses the light.

     * Draw some shiny spots on the glass vase before you draw the stems inside and the water line inside.
     * The glass will show the back side of the table, but it will not be straight or even because the glass is curved and the water refracts the light.
     * The center of the flower is fuzzy- use dots but give more dots in the very center.
     * The petals have veins and lines going down them.

     * The light through the glass on the back will be brighter so give the table top all around a little shading for contrast.
     * The center where the petals connect will be darker.
     * One side of each stem will be darker.

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