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Printable How To Draw Dicken's Tiny Tim From Christmas Carol

This printable how to draw Tiny Tim worksheet will help the young artist draw the character, from the famous Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. This can be given in class or as a project at home. It will help the student gain confidence in drawing a child but in a way that tells a story by itself.

Teachers, Homeschool families, and parents will be able to use this in many ways.
  • You can use it as part of an after school art club.
  • You can use it as an extra activity to fill in the time.
  • You can use it as part of a homeschool program.
  • You can use it as an art lesson handout.
  • You can use it as a take-home project.
  • You can use it ase a stand-alone lesson. 
  • You can print this and give it out at a child's theme party.
  • You can use it as a lesson filler or part of a sub's art lesson plans.
  • You can use it as a take home activity.

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Printable How to Draw Tiny Tim from Christmas Carol

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There are many ways to start but to help develop the pose of the child holding a crutch start with a stick figure with joints like knees, shoulders, and elbows.
The arm will be crossing over the chest so he can hold the crutch.
One shoulder will be higher than the other.
The child's head is larger than normal.
The legs are shorter than normal

Draw around the stick figure to fill out the body.

Remember the child's head has more forehead than an adult, but in our drawing, it is covered with bangs and the old time hat. The nose mouth and eyes are closer together than an adult.
Keep it simple:
Use a guideline up and down to keep things even.
The eyes are two dots under the arch of the upper eyelid. The eyebrows are a simple curved line. Put a little shiny dot in the eyes to make them look shiny.
The nose is a "button nose" Draw an arch and give it two dashes sideways for the nostrils, (do not go up and down or make circles or it will look like a pig nose).
The mouth is a curved line going up it is wide expressing a contented grin. The lower lip is just a shadow draw it as a dash.
Do the hat and hair last. The hair is straight and sticks out at the sides.

If the hands are a problem draw them like mittens since Tiny Tim wore mittens in the snow. Remember the thumbs go up and are at the back side of the crutch.

Do the clothes last. Use a lot of curving lines in the pants.
Draw a brace on the leg, it is mostly straight lines. It is a part of the story.
The jacket is too small for him, so draw the waist high and his shirt sticking out. The jacket has a big collar, it goes right up to the back of the head. It is drawn with double curves. there are patches on the elbows.
There are buttons on the pants, (the zipper was not invented yet.) There are patches on the pants, draw them like squares.
Use a lot of scratchy short lines to make the crutch look like wood. Do not make the crutch straight but give it a couple of bends.

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