Thursday, May 19, 2016

How to Draw a Fuchsia Flower Printable Worksheet

This printable how to draw a fuchsia flower worksheet and the lesson will be helpful to give the young artist confidence in drawing a beautiful flower and push them beyond their comfort level. The fuchsia is a flower with a lot of graceful lines.

I draw these as handouts to give my students at the end of my class so they can have a project at home or sometimes we do one of my worksheets when the student needs a little confidence boost.

Homeschool families, teachers, and parents will be able to use this in many ways.
  • It can be an extra activity to fill in the time.
  • It can be part of a homeschool program.
  • It can be an art lesson handout.
  • It can be a take-home project.
  • It can be a stand-alone lesson, 
  • It can be part of an after-school art club.
  • It can be a lesson filler or part of a sub's art lesson plans.
  • It can be given out as a take-home activity.
To learn how to draw takes time and practice. Do not get discouraged if your picture does not turn out the way you had hoped it would because frustration is a good sign when you have the gift of artistic talent you are harder on yourself than anyone else. Since art is not only a talent it is also a skill so draw every day to bring your skill to the level of your gift and soon you will be making beautiful pictures. Come back often and try some of my other projects.

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How to Draw A Fuchsia Flower Worksheet, Printable

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Draw lightly at first so you can erase later.
Start with large circles for where the flowers go so you can organize your picture. Put little ovals for the pods and small circles for the buds.

Divide the flower circles in half for the two parts of the flower.

The leaves are like long curving rectangles. Draw small ones near the buds and large ones near the flower. Put some behind the flower and one or two in front of a flower to hide a small part of it.

The flower is like a bell shape in the bottom part. There are three parts of the pod that curved upward, the one in the middle looks like an upside down letter "V" The two on the sides are curved lines that end in points. The flower has crinkly edges and there are petals that lap over others so draw a curved line to show one of two of the other petals.
There are little hairs that come out of the bottom of the flower, draw them as two lines each with one in the center that is longer than the others.

Go around the leaves and give them zigzag sawtooth edges. There are little stems that go to the flowers, buds and pods. Use two lines for each stem.

Use shading to the give the effect of contrast depth by going dark in the background and leave the flowers white.

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