Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to Draw a Black Cat on a Fence

How to draw a Black Cat On A Fence is a free printable worksheet that makes drawing a cat easy. If you make a mistake just go over it and make it a black cat.
This free printable how to draw worksheet is a very simple project that is popular with the young artist.

Parents and teachers can use this in class and at home. It can fill in extra time, be given as a reward activity or sent home as an extra project.

It takes time to learn how to draw. If your drawing does not turn out just the way you wanted do not give up.  No one is as hard on themselves as a person who has the gift of art. The frustration shows you have the talent but skill is different and needs to be developed to reach the same level as the talent. So practice and draw every day. Come back to my blog often and try some of my other projects. I am always adding new ones and I am sure you will find some you like.

To print the worksheet below just highlight it and send it to your printer or save to your device so you can print later. If you have any problems see the HOW TO PRINT TAB above or try one of the updated links below that have been modified to print better.

How to draw a cat worksheet. (c) Adron 2011

Start with the body by drawing a rectangle. Below that rectangle draw a guideline for the top of the fence. The neck is a large triangle Start the head with a medium circle halfway over the neck triangle the muzzle or nose is a smaller circle at the bottom of the head circle.

The hind leg is like a half circle and two lines going down they are closer at the paw than at the knee. The other hind leg is almost the same. the front legs are straight lines but narrower at the paw. Make sure the paws meet the top of the fence.

The ears are triangles on top of the head and they point forward.  Erase the extra lines

The tail is up but not perfectly straight so give it a curve. The shoulder and hip are slightly arched.

Don't color him black too grey so then you can add black for the darker shadow. I didn't draw the whiskers since he is so small in my drawing if you draw on a large paper you have more opportunity to add detail.

Finish the fence and add the background. You don't have to put him on a fence you can just as easily draw him walking on a tree branch or top of a car or the kitchen counter.

Have fun.

I did this drawing  with markers. Some of the markers were fine tipped and some were broad. I have some markers that are light grey, medium grey, and dark grey. by using a variety of markers it makes a more interesting picture. I kept the background simple so the cat is the focus. I was very happy with the fence since I shaded around it the fence looks white.

Example of how to draw a cat on a fence. (c) Adron  2011
(c) Adron

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