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How to draw the face of the old Cowboy

How To Draw The Face Of The Old Cowboy.
This free printable worksheet is an easy project that will give satisfaction to any young artist. The face of the old cowboy is full of character.

How to draw the old cowboy

Parents, teachers, and home school families will be able to use this to help give the young artist confidence in drawing a face. The project is very basic and the embellishment of the mustache, hat and coat will give an opportunity for the student to be creative.  It will be a project that will give satisfaction to student and teacher.

Remember learning to draw takes practice so draw every day, you can come back and try other projects.  If you do not give up soon you will be making beautiful pictures.

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How to draw the face of the old cowboy.

Here are two files for how to draw the old cowboy that may print better.

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I had lots of fun drawing the face of this old cowboy with the big mustache and the big hat.

Start with a lightly drawn outline. Make the outline by drawing a circle and a square shape for the jaw. Mark lightly reference lines for the eyes, nose, and mouth. The eyes are halfway from the crown of the head to the chin.
Make reference marks for the outside and inside of the eyes, pay attention that you don’t make them too close or too wide apart, and they are even.  Draw the two circles for the eyes. 

Shape the ears like large peanuts.

The mustache is big It is like a rainbow, it covers all of the upper lip, so only part of the lower lip shows.

The lower lip is shaped like a “W,” but more rounded.

The nose is a big letter “U” dipping over the mustache.  Just outline the mustache, for now, keep it simple and white. Round off the jaw.

Develop the eyes and features of the face.  Add the coat; the collar comes right up to the ears. Erase the reference lines.

Outline the hat keep it simple and low over the forehead.

Draw eyelids over the eyes.  Add eyebrows.

Continue to add details and shadows. Remember the source of the sun and the shade is opposite. Add some balancing dark areas on the other side like in the background or the jacket, it is your drawing so do it any way you want. I drew mine with a fine tip marker and gray marker pens but you can use any medium. If you use colored pencils remember to make his face sunburned but keep the mustache white with only a little shadow on the shady side.

An example of how to draw the Old Cowboy. (c) Adron 2011

I did this finished drawing with gray markers and sharpies.

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