Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to Draw A Sunflower, Lesson For Young Artist

How to draw a sunflower is a free printable worksheet I designed as a handout for my young art friends. It is an easy project and will give the young artist confidence in drawing. Parents and teachers will be able to use this in class and at home.

Remember learning to draw takes practice so don't give up if your work is not perfect just draw every day and soon you will be making beautiful pictures.

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How to draw a sunflower worksheet (c) Adron 2011

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The shape bank is simple, if you can draw a circle, a few straight lines, some triangles, and teardrops then you can draw a nice sunflower or even a field of them.

Start with two circles one inside the other like a doughnut. Draw them lightly with a hard pencil like a 2h or 2b so they can be erased later on. Draw the first 4 petals like triangles they should start on the inside circle  and the point touch the outside circle. Draw them like the points on a compass using the circles as guidelines. These first 4 helps to keep the spacing of the petals evenly spaced. Now begin to fill in the petals between the first four by adding triangles.

Fill in a second row of petals in between the ones you already drew so they look like a back row behind the first ones. Now you can erase the outside circle.

 The leaves are shaped like giant teardrops draw them lightly and then go over the leaves to make jagged zig-zag edges.

 The middle of the sunflower is full of seeds. Take your time and draw lots of little circles so that they touch each other. You might plan to take a few breaks on this part since it is boring. The shadows make it take on a realistic look. So put a shadow down one side of the stem and on the bottom edges of the leaves. Put some shadowing around the seeds and some on the bottom of the petals.

Don’t forget to sign and date your sunflower.

(c) Adron

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