Sunday, November 20, 2011

How to Draw a Lizard. A Skill Builder for the Young Artist.

This is a fun printable worksheet is a project that will give the young artist confidence in drawing.

Parents and teachers will find many ways to use this in class and as a take home project.

Remember learning to draw takes practice so do not give up if your first attempt does not turn out the way you hoped. Keep trying, come back and try some of my other projects. If you draw every day soon you will be making beautiful pictures.

How to draw a lizard. A skill builder for the young artist.
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Drawing lizards are fun and easy.

Start with a double curved line to be the spine of the lizard.  The head is like a triangle. If you make it too rounded it will look like a salamander.

Draw a line across the point where the shoulders will be, and a line for the hips. Draw the sides and tail with two lines on each side of the spine. The arms and legs are crooked so draw the "V" downward for each arm and then an upside down "V" for the legs.

Draw light circles where the knees, elbows, and different muscles.  Outline these circles to make them into legs and arms. The fingers and toes are long.

Finish the head with eyes and nostrils.

 Erase the extra lines. Outline the finished lines with a marker and color the lizard green.

How to draw a lizard by Adron

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