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How to Draw a Tugboat

This free printable drawing worksheet art lesson is easy and a rewarding project for artist of any age.  It not only uses basic shapes to create the boat but also has a few ideas for details.

Tugboats are cool. They come in all sizes and shapes so you can make yours just the way you want to. Take your time and when you are done people will say, “Wow! What a cool tugboat!”

Parents and teachers will be able to use this in a lot of ways.
  • It could be a lesson by itself.
  • It could be an extra time activity.
  • It could be a take home and do on your own extra activity.
  • It could be useful in an after-school program
  • It could be a rainy day activity.

FIRST A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Learning to draw takes practice so do not get discouraged if your first attempt does not turn out the way you had hoped. Keep trying and soon you will be making beautiful pictures.  Come back and try some of my other projects and you will get better in no time.

How to draw a tugboat worksheet.
To print the free worksheet just highlight it and send it to your printer, or save to your device to print later.  If you have problems printing see the how to print tab above for helpful tips.

Here is a link that might print better on some printers.

CLICK HERE for a file in photo format.

Start with lightly drawing the basic outline shape.

Use the basic shapes of rectangle and triangle.

Stack smaller rectangles for the upper decks. The shape of the boat is a little lower at the back than at the front so angle the rectangle that makes the main body of the tugboat down toward the back. A rectangle makes the smokestack.

Circles make the tires that hang on the sides. They can be any size and don't worry if they are not perfectly round since on a real tugboat they get all beaten up.
Add whatever details you like such as windows, air funnel, lifeboat, life ring, barrels, boxes, ropes, ladder, windows, and radio antennas.

Go over your pencil sketch with colored pencils or a marker. Color the tires and smokestack black, keep the sides pale. Add rust dripping down here and there. The smoke is darker on the bottom. Don’t overdraw the city in the background. You can put a lot of color in the sky and water to make up for the white boat.

I did my worksheet with a fine tip marker and a few broad-tipped markers with different values of gray for the illustration. So you can see it can be drawn nicely with markers.

Here is one way to do the tugboat picture. It is painted in watercolor. I did it in about 40 minutes. If I took my time it would have been better. (Just like I always say take your time and people will be amazed but if you hurry it will be disappointing).

Watercolor illustration for How to Draw a Tugboat.

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