Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How To Draw Churchmouse Cartoon - a Drawing Lesson For Young Artist

This free printable worksheet is a fun project, you can put them on greeting cards, posters, covers of reports and even little love notes.
How to draw a Church mouse cartoon 

Once you have mastered the basic design you can adapt them to any situation.

Start by making the basic shape by drawing four circles to make the head, body and ears.  (You can trace around coins or jar lids if drawing circles are too hard.  A big circle for the body, the head is not so big and two circles for the ears.

Remember to draw lightly use a HB or 2B pencil at the start, that way you can erase when you need to.

In every picture there is some cute thing you really like and want to get to right away but save the fun stuff for last. Let the special part be the finishing touches.

Add a circle for the nose and mouth area, and draw half circles for the inside area of the ears.

Use ovals for Mama's feet and box shapes for Papa's boots. 

Half way down the body draw a curved line for the arms. Keep the hands simple just circles or ovals. 
The eyes are just dots with a little dash above, if you tilt the dash you can give the face expression.

Erase a little on each side of the circle that makes the nose mouth area just enough to leave the mouth smiling. A dash underneath makes the chin.

You can put any clothing on the mouse you like, but keep it simple. Make shoes, ties, bows and things like that big- it makes the illustration look cute.

You can make the tale any way you want or just leave it out. The tail can give it a playful pose.

Color the mouse black, pink, white, grey or brown. 

Most importantly when you are sketching something like this remember to have fun!

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