Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to Make Funny People Letters.

This gives ideas about how to give simple letters personality, It is not hard and is fun for the young artist. You can use this with a poster, card or anything that needs illustration.

This free drawing worksheet, How To Make Funny Letters, may be downloaded to your device and printed easily.

How to Make Funny Letters.

Start by block drawing all the letters in a light pencil like an HB or 2B. You can do this by drawing a box for each letter and leave a space between each box. Not all letters need the same room some like M or W are going to be wider and need more room than I or J. Use guidelines to keep the letters straight and even.

Once you have drawn the letters in plain simple blocks then give them eyes, mouths, and feet. Keep them simple don't try to add hands and legs.

The eyes can be circles or glasses or dots with lines above for eyebrows. Girl letters can have long eyelashes. Try out different shapes for eyes. Try to make as many different eyes as you can.

The mouths can be just a smile, a u shape, a dash, a circle or big lips for the girls. You can have a tooth hanging down on some and frowns for others. A little line under a mouth looks like a shadow of a lower lip. If you put parenthesis on each side of a smile it looks like dimples.  Put the eyes and mouths anywhere you like in the letters there is no right or wrong place.

Put in feet or slippers or flippers or shoes or boots. Just draw ovals for the basic shape. You can have hip high boots on letters like K or M or R. Letters like I and T can have two feet close together.

The letters are more fun when they have a personality. Make one look smart and one look dumb and one look vain and one look shy or any personality you like. Have some drama between them maybe one could be singing loudly and another squinting like he doesn't like her song. You can have one look like he is in love with another who wants to get away. You can have one sleeping. Where you have letters that repeat you can have them be twins or the bride and groom in a wedding, or some kind of opposites.

Have Fun.

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