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How to Draw a Wolf - A Drawing Skill Builder for A Young Artist

Everybody likes pictures of Wolves. They can be fun to draw people just think they are hard to draw and when you draw one they are impressed!

Parents and teachers and Homeschool families will find many ways to use this project.
  • You can use it in class
  • You can send it home as an extra project.
  • You can use it as a lesson by itself.
  • An art lesson handout.
  • You can use it as an extra activity to fill in the time.
  • Print a few like this and take them as a vacation activity for the kids.
This free drawing worksheet may be downloaded to your device and printed easily.

FIRST: A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If your drawings do not turn out the way you hoped they would do not give up, learning to draw takes time and practice.  A real artist is always hardest on themselves and more critical of their own work so it is a good sign that you have the talent just practice to get the skills. Draw everyday, come back and try some of my other projects and soon you will be making beautiful pictures.

How to draw a wolf art lesson for the young artist.

Start with a light pencil like a 2h or 2 b and draw the basic shape of the head, it is just a circle with two triangles for ears. Don't draw the ears right on the top but a little lower.

Use another circle in the bottom half to start the muzzle. Just mark off the place, for now, we will come back to it later. 

The eyes are about halfway down. The top of the eyes are shaped like an arch slanted down and the bottom of the eyes are curved upward. The pupils are black and the iris is yellow or white, shade the area around the iris dark grey. 

Erase the top of the circle that makes the muzzle and shade in the bottom to make the mouth. The nose is like a letter "U" with some darker circles for the nostrils, it is mostly black. 

Round off the triangles for the ears, the rest is shading- see below.

Start by doing the lightest area first then the darkest last. You can soften the fur by rubbing the pencil marks with a tissue or your finger.
Wolves all have some differences in the markings. It is a good idea to find a picture to use as a model before you begin to do the fur. The fur is not so hard. Just use the "Cheek" of the pencil, not the tip and shade the fur    out and away from the center of the face.  
Use medium pencils like a 4b for the light grey shadows and a dark pencil like a 6b for the really dark areas. Some places on the wolf's fur are white, such as his beard area it is like his chin and cheeks. Some wolves have a white eyebrow or a white spot above the eye. 
The fur forms patterns observe them carefully and try to follow them.

Below is a sketch I did of a wolf. I used markers with different hues of grey. It seemed right to use grey and black for the wolf. I did this in about an hour. If I spent a few more hours on it would look really great but I had to go. So If you take your time you will be able to draw a better picture than I did.

How to draw a wolf illustration

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