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How To Draw A Komodo Dragon Worksheet

This free how to draw a komodo dragon printable worksheet may be downloaded to your device and printed easily, just highlight and send to your printer or save to your device. if you have problems printing see the how to print tab above.

Parents, teachers and home school families may print a copy for personal and classroom use.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If your sketch does not turn out the way you wanted do not give up, drawing takes practice, and no one is more critical of their own work than a true artist. Come back and try another worksheet soon you will be making beautiful pictures.

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How To Draw A Komodo Dragon Worksheet

CLICK HERE for is a link in photo format that may work better on some printers.


The basic shape is the same as for all lizards.

Draw a guideline for the feet so they are on the same level. The feet closest to you are lower than the one on the far side. This guideline will help keep the feet level.

Start by drawing an oval for the head. The head is smaller on the komodo dragon than on other lizards. A long line goes from the head down the back and finishes at the tip of the tail.

The neck is flabby draw it like a wide drooping curve. The line of the neck continues back to become the belly and the underside of the tail.

Use lines to position the legs. The front leg has an elbow that points backwards. The back leg has a knee that points forward. Fill out the legs, they are fat and flabby. The feet are short but have long fingers that have long claws.

Put a shadow underneath the belly and the inside of the far legs. The ground should have a shadow too

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