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Free How To Draw a Velociraptor Dinosaur Worksheet

This fun worksheet will give the young artist confidence in drawing a Velociraptor Dinosaur.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If your dinosaur drawing does not come out the way you wanted do not give up because you learn to draw by practice. So draw every day and soon you will be a great artist. Come back every day and print off another worksheet and sketch it. I have lots to choose from it may be that dinosaurs are not your real talent maybe you have a gift for drawing faces or landscapes so try different things and soon your talent will come out.

How To Draw a Velociraptor Worksheet
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Begin by lightly drawing a stick figure of the Velociraptor. Use straight lines for the legs and circled for the knees and ankles and elbows. The head is slightly rectangular. The body starts out as a couple of circles one for the chest and a small one for the hips. At this time don't worry too much about detail or the legs on the far side of the Dinosaur.

Look at the pose and ask yourself if it has excitement. Make any changes now to give excitement.

Lightly draw circles for the muscle groups in the arms legs and neck.

Start with lines for the bones and circles for the knuckles. Then draw around them to give thickness and curvy lines. Save the claws for last, (like desert).

The mouth goes all the way across the length of the head to behind the ear. There is some cheek at the back of the mouth. The eyebrow is a heavy arch line  and the nose has a long bony ridge across the top. The eye is at the back of the head.

Reptiles have loose wrinkly skin with folds so give him some wrinkles on the neck, arms, legs, and anywhere else that makes sense to you. Add the big claw on the toe and the teeth.

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