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How To Draw A Pirate Treasure Chest Worksheet

This a fun project will help the young artist gain confidence in his abilities. The free worksheet below may be copied and printed for personal use. Parents and teachers will be able to use this in class and at home. It could be an activity to fill in extra time or given out as a take-home project for the kids to do on their own.

FIRST A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Learning to draw takes practice like learning anything else.  If you draw every day you will get better. If the drawing does not turn out the way you hoped do not give up. If you learned something about drawing then you have a success. It may be that drawing a pirate treasure chest is just not your subject. I have many worksheets to choose from so try a few and you will find one that turns out great. Bookmark this blog and come back each day for a few weeks to try a different worksheet- you will be surprised at how good an artist you can become.

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How To Draw A Pirate Treasure Chest, Free Worksheet

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Begin with a light drawing so you can erase later.  The chest a wooden rectangular box, draw this with nine parallel lines. The lid is two sets of parallel lines and two curved lines they could be a half circle.

The chest is made out of wood planks draw these as more parallel lines but they don't need to be perfectly parallel it will give the picture interest. There are metal bands wrapping the chest so draw these vertically over the planks.

Decide where you want to have things hanging over the side and lightly sketch them in. Add the handle on the side and the padlock on the front and the clasp on the top.

The wood has texture add the texture by drawing light scratchy lines across like the grain. The bands have studs; draw them as circles. Keep the treasure simple and just draw a few things and a lot of circles and ovals to indicate coins. Add a few coins on the ground around it. Shadow one side and use shadow inside the lid.

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