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Sunday, January 26, 2014

How To Draw An Ornithomimus Dinosaur Worksheet

How To Draw An Ornithomimus Dinosaur Worksheet is an easy project and gives a lot of satisfaction to the young artist who is interested in drawing dinosaurs.

Learning to draw is a lot about doing and practice as much as it is about teaching things like technique or shading or values. The student will learn more by just drawing a lot of subjects as he or she will by attending classes or taking courses.

Teachers and parents may use this worksheet as a class project or as an extra activity that can be taken home. If the student does not have good success with this sketch then do not get discouraged, I have many projects they may do and it may be that their art style is more in tune with sketching another subject.

How to Draw an Ornithomimus Dinosaur Worksheet
The free worksheet above may be printed by highlighting it and sending it to your printer or saving to your device to print later. If you have problems printing this see the how to print tab above for suggestions.


Lightly sketch at first. The body looks like a teardrop turned sideways with the tail pointing slightly down. Use stick figure technique to rough draft in the arms and legs. The arms have elbows and wrist like people. The legs have two joints the knee and the ankle, below the ankle is a long bone like the bones in the top of a person's foot and the toes are like the foot. The head is small, it is a circle with a triangle for the beak. The tail, and neck are each almost as long as the body.

After you have the pose the way you want with the stick figure method then draw around the lines of the stick figure to fill out the arms and legs. The arms are skinny. The legs are thick at the hip and get thinner as they go down, add bumps for the knee and shin.

There are three thick toes on the feet. There are three claws on the hand. The head looks like a bird. The eye is big the mouth is like a beak. (If you have a hard time with the feet just draw grass over them).

Use shadow to give it thickness. The far arm and leg will be in more shadow than the near arm and leg.

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