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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How To Draw A Female Lioness Face Worksheet

This is a popular subject and the worksheet makes it easy for any young artist to draw it.

This is a little more challenging than the ones I have been making but it will be helpful for any young or beginning artist. This worksheet is designed to give a few drawing tips to help the student draw a lioness. Learning to draw is more about practice than instruction so I hope this will inspire the beginner artist to explore subject and style in his art. Parents and teachers may find this is a good take away assignment or class activity. If drawing the lioness does not give good results do not give up I have many projects for the student to try.

How To Draw a Female Lioness Face Worksheet.
To print the free worksheet above just highlight it and send it to your printer or save to your device to print later. If you have problems printing this see the how to print tab above for suggestions.

Look for basic shapes to arrange into an outline. Use guidelines to help keep things even.

DETAILS (Forward view)
The ears are roundish and are positioned at the top of the head.
The eyes are 1/3rd down from the top of the head.
The nose is at the bottom 1/3rd point.
The nose is shaped like a triangle with the three sides curved in slightly.
The upper lip is shaped like two half circles.

The eyes are closer to half way between the top of the head and the nose.
The mouth is a circle for the lower jaw and a curving line for the upper lip.
There are three rows of freckles.
The chin has a short beard.

The fur has a direction, most of it points outward away from the nose.
The fur is mostly tan but some parts are white like the chin, upper lip and under the eye; just leave the white parts alone. .
The fur takes a lot of time, so don't rush it. Start light and slowly build up the darker areas.

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No one is as hard on themselves as a real artist if you are frustrated at how your project looks that is good because it shows you are thinking like an artist. Learning to draw takes practice so come back every day and print a few more worksheets and sketch them, you will be surprised at how quickly your drawing will improve. I have a lot of different subjects to draw so try a lot of different subjects.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I hope this project is fun and helpful for you.  To find more like it see the labels at the right or choose one of the favorites in the sidebar.  I am sure you will find one you like.


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