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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to Draw A Monster Truck Worksheet

This printable how to draw worksheet has many helpful tips that can take the young artist to the next level of success and confidence. Teachers, parents and homeschool families may print the how to draw a monster truck worksheet for personal and class use.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Learning to draw is like any other skill it takes practice, so draw every day. I have lots of worksheets you may come back every day to print a few and if you do the projects in a few weeks you will be surprised at what a good artist you have become. If the monster truck doesn't turn out the way you had hoped do not give up the next project will turn out better because you have learned things drawing this one.

To print the free worksheet below just highlight it and save then open a word doc and save. If the image is not centered change the margins from your word toolbar then it is ready to print. You could save to your device to print later. If you have trouble printing see the how to print tab for suggestions, or try one of the links to updated print files below.

How to Draw A Monster Truck Worksheet.
Here are two updated files that may work better with some printers.

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This drawing project is mostly putting together basic shapes into a design.

Use rectangles and squares to work out the basic shape of the truck. Use huge circles for the wheels. (Sometimes I trace around lids from jars or other things to get the circles right).

There is a gearbox underneath the truck: draw it as a square or rectangle.
There are two drive shafts going to the tires from the gearbox: draw two parallel lines for these.
In the wheel wells are two shock absorbers: draw these as narrow rectangles.
There is an exhaust pipe going up behind the door: draw it as narrow rectangles.
There is a roll bar: draw it with straight lines.
There are headlights: draw them like rounded triangles.

The big tires are circles inside of more circles. Draw guidelines up and down and across to make a reference so you can get the inner circles in the right places. Take your time drawing the knobs on the tire tread. Use reference marks to indicate where the knobs are and keep them even. After you draw the reference marks then draw the knobs.

Use shading technique inside the wheel wells. Make the tires dark gray with black details, put black between the knobs. The gearbox and drive shafts are any dark color.

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