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Thursday, February 6, 2014

How To Draw A Pelican on a pier Worksheet.

This How to draw a pelican worksheet is an easy and fun drawing project that any young artist can do easily.  Parents and teachers will find many ways to use this at home and in the classroom.

Learning how to draw takes practice and time. Draw every day and draw as many different things as you can think of, you can come back to my blog and print worksheets as often as you like. If this pelican on a pier doesn't turn out the way you hoped do not give up, it is part of learning; the next picture you draw will be better. Seabirds are not for everybody, you might you have a talent for portrait or a landscape, so try some of those projects.   I have a lot of drawing lessons so do a few every day and soon you will be surprised at how good an artist you are. Parents, teachers and art students may print some for personal or class use.

How to Draw a Pelican Worksheet.
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Start sketching lightly so you can erase later. The basic shape is an oval for the body. Above the oval draw two lines for the neck and on top of that draw a circle for the head. The beak is a long triangle that is as long as the neck

The back has a little hump at the shoulder. Make the body a little wider at the lower half.

The eye is halfway down and a third of the way forward. The eye is a black dot inside a circle. The bottom of the bill is bigger, draw a line from the tip to below the eye and make sure the bottom beak is half as thin as the top. The nostril is on the top of the beak by the eye. This pelican has a black face, it looks like a wavy patch that goes around the eye and behind the bill. The bill has a little hook at the tip.

The wing starts a little below the shoulder and curves down to the tail. There are lots of feathers going downward on the wing. Draw the feathers as lots of lines but not too many, make sure they have a little space between them. There is a dark edge at the bottom of each feather.

The feet are a triangle with a line going down the middle for the middle toe. The legs have a backward bend like a person's ankle.

The pear is a cylinder, it has an oval top and straight lines going down on the sides. The bottom has a curve that matches the top curve.

The water is a lot of back and forth lines like the letter Z but flatter. The water is darker in the lower nearer area and lighter by the horizon. Make sure the horizon is level and not tilted.

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