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Sunday, November 30, 2014

How To Draw The Face of Scrooge Free Printable Worksheet.

The free printable drawing how to draw Scrooge worksheet below will inspire the young artist and give confidence in drawing a basic face.

Scrooge is an old frowning man in old time clothes and long hair that comes down on both sides of this bald head.

I have kept this simple for the young artist. There is more than one way to draw an old face but many people like this method. Drawing a dramatic face takes time and practice so draw a picture every day. I have other projects like this so come back often and try a few more and soon you will be making beautiful pictures.

To print just highlight and send to your printer or save to your device to print later. If you have problems printing see the how to print tab above for some suggestions, or try one of the links below for an updated file. Print in grey scale to get the shadows.

Printable Drawing Worksheet for kids.
How To Draw The Face Of Scrooge. Free Printable Drawing Worksheet

CLICK HERE for an updated file that may print better on some printers.
Some printers work better with a PDF format. To go to a PDF file CLICK HERE.

Use a guideline up and down to keep the face even on both sides. Draw a circle for the top two thirds and a large "U" for the jaw. Use a guideline across about halfway down to keep the eyes level.
Draw the rectangles for the glasses early on in the project. They are on the cheeks and low on the nose.
The cheeks are like bracket symbols, < one one side and > on the other.

The ears are like large peanut shapes on either side of the head.
The eyes are not dawn completely this gives him expression.
The eyebrows point up and outward.
The chin is like a long narrow letter "U."
The jaw is like another wider letter "U" behind the chin.
The mouth is like a long downward pointing letter "M."
The nose is a long letter "U."

The eyebrows will be bushy. Use short choppy lines on the top and bottom to draw them leave the center white.
On both sides of the nose is a mark like a parenthesis ( ) for the nostril but the nose dips past them.
Use short straight lines to draw the top of the eyelid and the wrinkle over the top of the eye. Draw only part of the bottom eyelid just a couple of dashes or will do.
The upper lip is a thin shadow, the lower lip is a thicker shadow is like a "W" that is pointing downward at the outside.

The hair comes out from the sides and goes down behind his back.
The clothing is a big black coat the collar goes right up to the ears.  There is a stiff collar of a shirt and a bow underneath.
Use shading to give the effect of roundness.

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