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Thursday, November 20, 2014

How To Draw The Queen of Sheba, Free Printable Worksheet

This is an artist view of the face the Biblical Queen. This is a wonderful drawing project for drawing and practicing the basic face.  

The free printable worksheet at the bottom of this post and the project notes below may be printed by highlighting them and sending them to your printer or saving to your device to print later. If you have problems printing see the how to print tab for some suggestions.

This is a simplified project to draw the face of the Biblical Queen of Sheba who listened to the wisdom of Solomon.

There are more ways to draw a face but this is simple and ideal for the young artist.  Drawing a beautiful face takes practice, so draw every day and soon you will be making beautiful pictures.  I have other projects like this, so come back often and try a few more.  If your artwork is not perfect this time do not give up just keep at it and you will be making perfection before too long.

Good Luck.

 How to Draw the Queen of Sheba Free Printable Worksheet.

Start by drawing lightly so you can erase later. Draw an oval for the head, then divide up the oval with guidelines vertical in the center, and another one horizontal half way down. The guidelines help keep things even and not crooked.

The eyes are on the halfway mark, They are about as far apart as they are each wide. The top of the eyes are an arch but the bottom curves up and down and back up. The eyes are outlined in dark. Draw the shiny spot before you draw the iris or pupal. Use a line above the eye to show the fold of the eyelid.
The nose is wide, use two lines like a parenthesis for the wider parts and two curving dashes for the shadow below.
The lips are three lines. Draw the one in the middle first, it is like a flattened letter "v," the bottom lip is a wide curve, like the letter "U" the upper lip is like a flat letter "M"
The Neck is wide and the shoulders slope downward slightly.

The turban is a folded cloth and can be a lot of wiggly lines over the top of the head going around the head like a frame. The crown can be simple just two lines across the turban. There are gold coins hanging down off of the crown and turban, draw them as circles.
The necklace is a bunch of lines that go around the neck. Use guidelines to keep things even and straight.
The hair is black but put some shiny lines in it.

Use shading technique to give the face a rounded look.

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