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Sunday, January 11, 2015

How To Draw The Face Of Joan Of Arc, (Jeanne d'Arc) Worksheet

The free worksheet below will help the young artist to feel more confident in drawing a face.

This is a simple project for a young artist. The face is a teenager in three-quarter view and turned upward slightly, the eyes are looking heavenward. I drew this for my own art students as something to give them at the end of a class so they can do it at home, or as something for when there is extra time in class.

There is more than one way to draw a face I have kept this project simple on purpose for the young artist. Drawing a good face takes practice so don't give up. Draw a person every day and soon you will be good at it. I have other projects like this so come back often and try some more.

To print this worksheet highlight it and send it to your printer. If you are having problems see the how to print tab above for some suggestions, or try one of the updated links below that may print better. NOTE: remember to set your printer for greyscale so you get the shadows.

Printable Worksheet How to draw Joan Of Arc. 

Here are two links that have been modified to print better and look better.

CLICK HERE for a file in photo format.
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Start with a basic shape of the head without the hair, it looks like an egg with the narrow point for the chin. Use guidelines to help keep things straight. One will go down the face but a little to the left side. Draw another guideline for the eyes, this will be half way from the top of the head to the chin. Draw another guideline halfway from the eyes to the chin for the nose, and a last half way from the nose to the chin for the mouth.

The face is turNED three-quarter view so the left side shows the brow, the cheek the curve of the upper jaw and the lower jaw. These are lines that start at the hairline first going outward a little for the eyebrow, then inward slightly for the eye socket, then out a little farther than the eyebrow for the cheekbone, then in and down with a bump for the upper jaw and teeth, last it curves down under the chin and curves up to the right jaw hinge just under the right ear.

The eyes are looking up so draw the top of the eye like an arch or a rainbow. The bottom is straight with a slight curve up. Use some small coins to trace around for the iris of the eye so they both match. The pupal of the eye is far up and only a little of it is showing.

The nose is a curving line like a backward "S" but keep it thin. The bottom of the nose is turned up, but don't draw it use shading technique for it.

The mouth is far to the left since the face is turned away. The top lip is thin and mostly in shadow so use shading technique to draw it. The bottom lip is two ovals in the middle and then stretched out at the ends.  Do not make both sides of the mouth equal since the face is turned away, so the left side is smaller and the right side is longer. the mouth almost touches the far edge of the face. Perspective does all this.

The eyebrows are simple and straight.

Draw the hair last, it is short almost boy like. The armor has straps at the top and pieces that fold over on the shoulder, draw rectangles and triangles for these. She was often shown with a wooden cross around her neck or a banner.

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Draw Joan of Arc Worksheet

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