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How to Draw A Siberian Husky Free Printable Worksheet

The free drawing worksheet below will help the young artist to feel more confident in drawing.

There are many ways to approach a project like this but I have kept it simple on purpose for the young artist.  The secret to drawing good dog portraits is to practice and draw every day. If you keep it up soon you will have beautiful pictures.

I have a few other animal projects so come back every day and try another.

Good luck.

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How To Draw a Siberian Husky Printable Worksheet

CLICK HERE to print from a file in photo format, sometimes it works better.

Use basic shapes to form a simple dog head. Start with a large circle. Add two triangles at the top for the ears. Draw a rectangle for the muzzle. If you make it long he looks older if it is short he looks younger.

     * The eyes are like a diamond sideways.
     * The mouth is low on the muzzle, draw a line across but curving up at the outside edge.
     * The nose is a triangle at the top of the muzzle,
     * The upper lip curves up draw a line going up for it.
     * The neck and shoulders are broad, use two lines; one starting at the ear and going out and down and the other halfway across the bottom of the muzzle going down and slightly out.

The eye is edged in black. The ears are slightly rounded. There are four rows of freckles. The lip is black.

Take your time with the fur so it looks good. As you draw the fur use strokes with your pencil going the direction of the fur, the direction fur goes is out away from the center.
     * The top of the head is dark
     * There is a line of dark down between the eyes.
     * The ears are edged in dark.
     * There is a band of dark circling the face starting behind the earn and ending below the cheek.
     * On the opposite side of the face is another under the chin but it is short.
     * There is a second band going down the back edge and curving in at the bottom. (but it is not as dark)

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