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Thursday, October 8, 2015

How to Draw A Sleeping Cat, a Printable Worksheet

This printable art lesson and worksheet will help the young artist draw a favorite subject.  Cats sleep a lot and are very cute. This worksheet will be useful to teachers, parents, and home-school families to use in class as an extra activity or a self-guided lesson. It can be given out as a take home to encourage the artist to continue to draw outside of class.

If your drawings do not turn out the way you wanted do not give up- keep on drawing. The most talented artist are the ones who are the most demanding of themselves; so frustration is actually a good sign of talent. Keep on drawing and soon your skill will catch up to your talent and then you will be making beautiful pictures. Come back and try some of my other projects.

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Printable How To Draw A Cat Sleeping Worksheet
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Start by drawing lightly so you can erase extra lines later.

Use basic shapes to develop the outline. Use a large oval for the body and a smaller circle for the head, then a little circle for the paw under the outside cheek.

Lightly draw guidelines to divide the head into thirds, and use a guideline down the center to keep things even. The ears are triangles on the top third, they have a line going down inside them. The center third is blank. The face is in the bottom third. The eyes are closed and are just a line that connects to the line of the nose ridge. Use a smaller circle to show the shape of the upper jaw. The nose is two lines going down ending with a down pointing triangle at the bottom. The upper lip is just two curving lines like a rounded "W."

The hind leg is a curved line like a stretched out letter "S."  The tail is a line that follows the curve of the oval. There is a hump at the shoulder.

The ears have fur coming out of them.

The paw has two lines dividing the toes. They are rounded.

The shading gives the cat the rounded look. Shade above the leg and above the tail. Use shading below the chin and shade the back where it curves under. Shade the floor under the cat.

Our cat has tiger stripes. There are three going between the ears, two on each cheek. Put stripes on the tail, the back, and the leg. When you do the stripes start at the line of the back and work inward.

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