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How To Draw Dracula, Free Printable Worksheet

This free printable how to draw worksheet will help the young artist draw a picture of the Vampire Dracula.  This gives encouragement in drawing a face and hand and a few basics about character drawing.  This is perfect for Halloween.

Parents, Homeschool families, and teachers will be able to use this in many ways.
  • You can use it as part of an after school art club.
  • You can use it as an extra activity to fill in the time.
  • You can use it as part of a homeschool program.
  • You can use it as an art lesson handout.
  • You can use it as a take-home project.
  • You can use it ase a stand-alone lesson. 
  • You can print this and give it out at a child's theme party.
  • You can use it as a lesson filler or part of a sub's art lesson plans.
  • You can use it as a take home activity.
In researching this project I combined features of different versions of Dracula. The ancient painting of Count Vlad Dracula III shows him with long hair and a big mustache. The idea of the hand grasping is from "Laurel and Hardy meets Dracula," the general face was inspired by Luke Evans' portrayal in "Dracula Untold."

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The image below may be printed by highlighting it and sending it to your printer or saving to your device to print later. Some printers work better if you drag the image off to the desktop and print from there. If you have any problems see the how to print tab above for some suggestions.  Below are links to alternate file formats for this image in case this one won't work for you.

How To Draw Count Dracula Worksheet

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Start by drawing lightly so you can erase later. To get a bony skull-like face draw a circle for the top of the skull and then draw a "U" out of straight lines for the jaw below.  Use a guideline going up and down the middle of the face to keep things even. Draw a line across the center for the eyes. The neck connects right below the curve of the jaw. The hand starts out as a stick figure hand with circles for the joints and lines for the bones.

Give the fingers and hand thickness. Use ovals to give the fingers bent shapes then go around the ovals to define the fingers. At the base of the thumb is a large oval for the muscle in the palm. Don't forget the claw-like fingernails.

Use straight lines wherever possible.
     * The eyes are a straight line for the top eye lid, then straight lines tilting down on either side.
     * The end of the nose is like a rounded "U" with short "(" ")" shapes on each side.
     * The mouth is almost straight across on the top and a curving line below.
     * Normally the eyebrows are last but they are a big feature of the face so draw them early.
     * The mustache is scribbled over the upper lip.
     * The ears are no lower than the nose.

     * The eyebrows are bushy toward the middle and thinner at the outer edge. The look like a big "W" on his forehead.
     * There are a lot of wrinkles and worry lines on the face, especially around the eyes.
     * Outline the hair before you start to draw it in.
     * There are dark circles under the eyes.
     * There is a shadow below the nose and the jaw, below the cheek and above the eyes.

Draw the clothing last. To make the face look light then make the cape dark,  The neck-scarf or ascot has a big jewel in it draw it like a hexagon with a smaller hexagon inside. The cape has laces that tie below the jewel. Make the cape black.

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