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Printable How to draw a hand holding a feather pen

This printable worksheet will help give the young artist direction in drawing the hand focusing on the finger and thumb holding a feather pen.

Parents, teachers and home school families are welcome to use this project for class and home use. It can be a stand-alone lesson or given out as a take-home project.

Learning to draw takes practice so do not give up if your first try does not turn out the way you had in mind. No one is as hard on themselves as a person with the gift of art. Keep drawing everyday and soon you will be making beautiful pictures that will amaze people.

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Printable how to draw a hand with a feather pen worksheet

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Draw a reference line for the feather pen.
Think of the hand as a skeleton and draw the thumb and first finger as if they were just bones this is like a stick figure drawing.
Use a line to show the surface of the paper that the pen is writing on.

Go around the stick figure of the finger and thumb with ovals for the shape of the muscles of the finger and thumb. There will be a large oval for the palm muscle of the thumb.  Draw a sloping line for the back of the hand

Use ovals to get the other three fingers in place.

Go around all the ovals to make the lines flow smoothly.

Use a line for the bottom of the palm, it will be horizontal but curve up slightly

Add fingernails and wrinkles where the skin folds at the knuckles and in the palm.

Draw the bottom of the quill like a diamond and the shape of the feather is oval at the top with lines that to go outward from the guideline.
Add a sleeve cuff, or watch.

Use shading to give the picture depth. There will be shadows on th bottom of the palm, wrist and fingers. Don't go overboard on shading.

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