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Saturday, January 30, 2016

How To Draw A Groundhog Printable Worksheet and Lesson

This free printable how to draw a groundhog worksheet and lesson will help give the young artist confidence in drawing. Parents and teachers will be able to use this drawing worksheet in class or at home. It could be combined with a lesson on groundhog day or animals. It could be a drawing lesson on its own, given out as an extra activity, or given out as an extra credit take home project.

Teachers, Homeschool families, and parents will be able to use this in many ways.
  • It can be an extra activity to fill in the time.
  • It can be part of a homeschool program.
  • It can be a art lesson handout.
  • It can be a take-home project.
  • It can be a stand-alone lesson. 
  • It can be part of an after school art club.
  • It can be a lesson filler or part of a sub's art lesson plans.
  • It can be given out as a take home activity.
  • You can print this and give it out at a child's theme party.
Learning to draw takes practice and time. Do not give up if your drawings do not turn out the way you hoped. If you are frustrated in your art be encouraged because that frustration is evidence of having the gift of art you only need to get your skill up to the level of your talent. Draw every day and soon you will be making beautiful pictures. Come back to my blog and try some of my other drawing projects I have many to choose from.

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How To Draw A Groundhog Worksheet

Here are two links that have been modified to print better.

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Start by drawing lightly so you can erase later.

Use common shapes to make the simple outline.
A circle for the head and a little ways below the circle draw a large teardrop. The teardrop should be at least three times the size of the circle.
Use a half circle for the muzzle.
Use two curved lines for the shoulders and arms to to connect the head and the body.

Use curved lines for the arms and legs.
The top of the head is flat.
The ear is like a small circle at the back of the head.
The feet are outlined first as squares for size and shape.

Work over the lines so they flow together smoothly since he is a fat little fella.

Use a guideline to keep the eye, ear, and nose straight they are in a line. The eye is a curved arch and a curved line below like an almond. The nose is like a "V," The mouth is like another "V" upside down.

Lightly draw the bones first with circles and lines then outline circles and lines to get the knotty shape of the joints on the toes and fingers. Don't forget the claws.

Maybe the fur is the most important part. Take your time and use short lines. The lines should go outward away from the center to the edges. Use more lines to make shadows and fewer to make the highlights.

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