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How To Draw A Viking Warrior Worksheet

This printable how to draw a Viking warrior worksheet is a fun project that may be used in class and at home. The Viking Warrior can be adapted to different scenes, it might be a barbarian or a warrior from any fantasy world.

Teachers, Homeschool families, and parents will be able to use this in many ways.
  • It can be an extra activity to fill in the time.
  • It can be part of a homeschool program.
  • It can be an art lesson handout.
  • It can be a take-home project.
  • It can be a stand-alone lesson. 
  • It can be part of an after-school art club.
  • It can be a lesson filler or part of a sub's art lesson plans.
  • It can be given out as a take-home activity.
  • You can print this and give it out at a child's theme party.
If your drawings are not turning out the way you hoped they would do not give up- keep on drawing. If you are frustrated take it as a good sign because no one is as hard on themselves as a person who has the gift of art. The frustration only tells you that you need to get your skill level up to the level of your talent. Come back often and try some of my other drawing projects and soon you will be making beautiful pictures.

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To print the worksheet below just highlight it and save, next open a word doc and paste it in then you can print it. If the margins seem off you can reset it in word from your toolbar. You can save to your device to print later. If you have problems printing see the how to print tab above or try one of the updated links below.

How To Draw A Viking Warrior Worksheet

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Start by drawing lightly so you can erase later.

Use an articulated stick figure to work out the pose. An articulated stick figure is one with the joints like elbows and knees.  You see in the example the left arm was drawn over since the first pose didn't seem right.
Don't just have him standing there give him some drama by a pose that shows action.
Note that the hand that is raised is palm forward, fingers over and coming down in front and thumb back.

One arm will be hidden by the shield but we draw it anyway so we will know where to put the shield so it looks right.

Go around the stick figure to give the arms, legs, and torso some muscles. Use ovals to get the shape of the muscles.
The front of the leg is a straight line.
The knees and hands are boxy and straight lines.
The feet are like triangles.

Erase extra lines and develop the outline of the man.

Draw the clothes over the body. Take your time with the clothes. He has a long chainmail shirt over a tunic, he has wool pants, fur lined boots, a helmet gloves belts and a pouch.

Keep the face simple. The mustache covers the upper lip and the beard hides most of the face.
Draw the sword as a long line then draw two lines one on each side so it stays even. don't make it too fancy.
Use a lot of short lines going different directions for the fur in the boots and his cloak.
Use a lot of little 'Us' for the chain mail. This will take longer but will make it look good.

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