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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Printable How To Draw A Pumpkin Patch Worksheet.

This printable how to draw a pumpkin patch worksheet has many helpful tips that can take the young artist to the next level of success and confidence. Teachers, parents and homeschool families may print the worksheet for personal and class use.

Parents and teachers will be able to use this in class or at home.
It can be a lesson by itself.
It can be an art lesson handout.
It can be part of an after school art club.
It can be an extra activity to fill in the time.
It can be given as a take-home project.
Print this and with others to take with the family to occupy the kids when they are bored.

FIRST, A WORD OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Learning to draw is like any other skill- it takes practice, so draw everyday. I have lots of worksheets so come back every day to try another one, and if you do the projects in a few weeks you will be surprised at what a good artist you have become. If the picture doesn't turn out the way you had hoped do not give up because the next project will turn out better since you have learned things drawing this one.

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How To Draw A Pumpkin Patch Worksheet

Here are two files that have been modified to print better on some printers.

CLICK HERE for a file in photo format.
CLICK HERE for a file in universal portable format.

Do not get upset if the pumpkins are not perfectly round, in fact, they never are, so if your pumpkins are oval or lopsided it will be more realistic. The leaves on the pumpkin plant are huge so do not be afraid to draw them big. The leaves are on vines that have stems going up and the leaves grow on top of the stems.

Draw lightly at first so you can erase later.

Start with a row of large circles for the basic pumpkin shape. In front of the large circles draw smaller ones of different sizes. It is more interesting if some pumpkins are in front of others. Have some leaning one way and some leaning another way, it makes it look more interesting.

The pumpkin leaves are like big floppy stars with rounded points. Draw the five or six lines for the veins down the center and off to the sides. The veins will look like fingers or a spider, so draw a line around the veins like a large glove around a hand.

The vines are each two lines that curl and loop around and go different ways. Start like a winding twisty scribble then draw a line on each side of the scribble to make it thick. It should come to a point.

Pumpkins have creases that go from the stem to the base. Do not draw too many. Remember to keep them curved. The stem is curved and wide at the base. Use rough texture on the stem.

Add a world, like a garden, cornstalks or a fence. Use a rough scribble texture on the fence. Use a dark smudgy or dotty texture on the ground.

Use shading technique to give the pumpkins roundness, and to bring out the creases. Make the leaves darker than the pumpkins and the fence darker, make the soil the darkest.

Every picture should tell a story, can you guess the story in this one?

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