How to Draw a Viking Ship, a lesson for the Young Artist.

This free drawing worksheet, How To Draw A Viking Ship, is an artist skill builder for the young artist I designed for the kids who like Viking ships. You can easily draw this freehand by following the patterns below. It would make a great cover page on a report or a poster.

How to draw a Viking Ship worksheet for young artist.
 Remember to draw the Viking ship large in the center of the paper. Use a light touch with a hard pencil so when you draw over it in marker the pencil will be easy to erase. Start with the shapes and work from the outline of the ship to the interior details. You can use coins or jar lids to draw perfect circles for when you are starting the rough draft of the Viking ship.

You don't have to draw it just like I did. Don't draw the Vikings until the end and keep them simple, remember they had long hair and beards so you can cover a lot up. Color the sail with red stripes. The hull of the ship could be brown or grey brown the shields were made of wood and painted different designs but I left that up to you. Use contrasting colors to darken in the shadows. I didn’t draw this with attention to the shadows since it was a complicated drawing but you can figure out where you want the shadows, like under the shields or the hull of the ship.

Don't forget the background you can put your Viking ship at sea with a blue sky or in a bay with a village in the background. Enjoy!

Viking ship pencil drawing.
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C) Adron
Make a small gift and print a few worksheets for your personal use.
Thank you and God bless.